Nightly Toner

Disclaimer: If you don’t like the smell of apple cider vinegar, then go back and read other blog posts of mine. This toner is not for you. But if you know the benefits of apple cider vinegar to your skin, even if you hate the smell, then read on. ❤️

I have a different toner for night and day. Hence, this is my recipe for my nightly toner.

I also add other essential oils that are beneficial for my skin if I have them on hand but these four are the basic in my recipe since I almost never ran out of them.

I got this recipe from Ms. Lindsey Elmore, the pharmacist that makes all the science of essential oil so much fun! I just tweaked them a little bit and add oils that I want.

You might notice I am using Lemon Essential Oil, a citrus oil that may cause photosensitivity. I use them because Lemon is for brightening and I only put them in my night toners when I know I won’t be under the sun for a long period of time. (‘Cause, duh?) But feel free to exclude the Lemon EO if you feel uncomfortable using it.

Brands I trust and use:

Witch Hazel: Thayers Witch Hazel (make sure you buy alcohol-free)

Side note: In the Philippines, I buy in Healthy Options. Though, I heard Lazada already carries them for those who preferred online shopping. For other countries, Amazon has them. And Target or Watsons also has them. WholeFoods is a great place to buy them also.

Apple Cider Vinegar: Braggs

Essential Oil: Young Living

Vitamin E: Any. Just make sure it’s natural and organic


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