The Magical Mermaid Hair Spray

Yes, that’s my hair.

And I’ve just taken a 2-inch mandatory trimming (my rule every 10 weeks) last April.

Now, I will show you my secret!!!


And that recipe, ladies and gentlemen, is my secret in growing my hair very fast.

Here are my suppliers:

  • Essential oils – Only from Young Living, the company that gives me the purest and best essential oils out there. (Signing-up is easy! You’ll enjoy a lot of benefits which includes 24% off the retail price! Though, if you want to miss this amazing deal, you can still buy from them essential oils but only in retail price.)
  • Witch Hazel – Healthy Options, I’m from the Philippines and this store carries the brand that I use which is Thayers (Make sure you get the ALCOHOL-FREE and the unscented or original formula).
  • Spray Bottle –  Discovery Science – the cheapest out there!

And yes, I do cut my hair short sometimes but whenever I want my long hair back I just spray this magic every day and Voila! I would get my long hair back! Plus, super strong and shiny! What more could I ask?

Happy DIY-ing!

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